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LCN Awards Rules of Entry

1. All entries must be completed using an official entry form in order to be judged

2. All entries are free and must be received by 5pm on March 19, 2018

3. The award committee reserves the right, after consultation with the entrant, to move submissions to a more appropriate category.

4. Once a candidate has been announced as a finalist, he/she cannot withdraw from the competition.

5. All information supplied by entrants will be treated in the strictest confidence, with all judges obliged to sign non-disclosure agreements.

6. The person whose name is on the entry form as ‘Contact Name’ will be the permanent contact throughout the course of the awards programme and will receive all correspondence, including ‘receipt of entry’ and ‘winning entry’ acknowledgements.

7. Please observe the word limit. If an entry is more than 10 per cent over the word limit, the judges may choose not to read it and therefore, your submission will be jeopardised.

8. Following confirmation of receipt of entry, the judging panel will consider nominations and publish the shortlists for each award prior to the awards ceremony. The awards team will contact organisations that have been shortlisted.

9. The awards will be judged according to the criteria for each category.

10. The organiser of these awards is not liable for any costs incurred by candidate organisations during the judging process.

11. A panel of judges will assess the entries and produce a shortlist in each category. The shortlist will be announced on or around May 5, 2018. Incomplete entries will not be judged.

12. Once the shortlist is published, organisations that have made the shortlist may publicise this fact (including using the official awards logos) but can only do so with written permission from the awards committee.

13. For some awards categories, a visit by the judge(s) to the shortlisted entries may be required. Interviews will take place at a time and date TBC. The purpose of the interviews is to enable the judges to get a more detailed understanding of the entry and to give them the opportunity to ask questions

14. If it is found that any entrant has knowingly provided false information on their application, the organiser reserves the right to withdraw any entry at any time submitted by that organisation.

15. Applicants must be authorised to enter their organisation into the awards.

16. The award winners will be announced at the gala dinner taking place on June 1, 2018. Winners may be requested to participate in post-event publicity.

17. Organisations may be short-listed for more than one award and the appropriateness of the category in which it sits may also be examined by the judges.

18. Organisations cannot be shortlisted for an award they have sponsored.

19. Judges are ineligible to score/comment on an entry made from their own organisation, or if they have a vested interest.

20. The judges may disqualify any entry that does not adhere to the rules.

21. No nominee shall engage in any activity that may damage the integrity of the awards scheme or ceremony. Any such actions shall be raised with the awards committee who will take any decision on disqualification. The awards committee’s decision with respect to disqualification is final.

22. The decisions of the judges will be final and will not be subject to any appeal. All entrants must agree to be bound by them.

23. By entering or agreeing to participate in these awards, all entrants agree to the above terms and conditions.