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New For 2018

Entrepreneur of the Year
This category, which is new for 2018, provides a real chance for innovative hospitality operators to show us what they’re made of. We want to hear from anyone in the trade that has successfully put a bright, original new idea into practice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quirky new pub, a delicious new artisan beer or a whole new way of brewing speciality coffee. If it’s new and it’s your idea, we want to hear about it.

Outside Space of the Year
It’s the big trend for 2018 and beyond. Venues are opening exciting outdoor areas all the time and we’d like to hear from anyone who believes their facilities are worthy of an award. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a comfortable smoking area, a bright beer garden or a kid’s play area – if your café, bar or restaurant offers customers an alfresco option, then this is the category for you.

Tourist Bar of the Year
Distinct from the ‘Pub of the Year’ category, this award is for those bars that make a special effort to attract tourist custom. Whether it’s your facilities, your décor or your menu, we need you to tell us why you think your bar would be particularly attractive to the growing number of tourists that are visiting NI.