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New For 2018

Entrepreneur of the Year

This category is open to any entrepreneur successfully managing one or more businesses in a way that demonstrates entrepreneurial characteristics. Judges will be looking for key characteristics such their aptitude for the business, commitment to the industry and their ability to consistently meet high standards of business excellence.

The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate how they meet the criteria is terms of:

  • Vision and passion: applicants must have energy, creativity, entrepreneurial purpose and passion.
  • Perseverance: applicants must have the confidence, conviction, tenacity, plan and overall professional acumen to take a high-potential business and scale it into a market leader.
  • Risk taking: applicants must show how in order to achieve they had to take risks and overcome obstacles
  • Growth and viabilityapplicants should have ambitious company growth goals, and have achieved good growth with potential for more.

This award will be judged by written submission and entrant can self-nominate or be nominated by another.

Outside Space of the Year

This category is open to any venue that offers an outside space as an addition to the facilities in the venue.  This space may be a terrace, roof garden or patio but it must be innovative, attractive and user friendly

This category will be judged by mystery shoppers who will be looking for excellent performance in all areas but particularly:

  • An innovative use of space to enhance the customers’ experience of the venue.
  • Excellence in design ,comfort  and ease of use
  • Versatility in terms of the use of the space
  • How well the space contributes to the style and ambiance of the venue.

Tourist Pub of the Year

This category is open to any pub that makes a significant contribution to tourism in their area.  The pub may be located in a tourist area or is, by reputation and marketing, a destination pub for a wide geographic area and overseas guests.

This category will be judged by mystery shopper and who will be looking for exceptional performance in all areas but particularly:

  • A great range of locally sourced drinks
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Authentic surroundings
  • A unique selling point in terms of the theme, entertainment or food.