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UWM launches exclusive Lehmann range in NI

November 15th, 2016 | by LCN Editor
UWM launches exclusive Lehmann range in NI
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United Wine Merchants Ltd. announced the launch of a new range of Australian wines from Peter Lehmann recently, during a lunchtime reception in Belfast.

The company will be distributing three ward-winning labels from the winery: Wildcard, Art ‘n’ Soul and Portrait.

Martin McAuley, managing director at United Wines, Martin McAuley, says that Peter Lehmann has an “unrivalled reputation in Australian wine production”:

“We are delighted to partner with Liberty Wines, Peter Lehmann’s UK distributor, to bring new wines to the Northern Ireland marketplace,” he added. “The labels we are introducing will appeal across a number of palates, price points and meet current market demands.”

Commenting on the launch of the new range, Jon Worsley, commercial director at Liberty Wines said:

“It’s exciting to see new wines from such a respected brand coming into the Northern Ireland marketplace and there is no doubt that Peter Lehmann is held in high regard within the industry.

“Enthusiasts will now be able to enjoy award-winning wines from one of the oldest winemaking communities in Australia which is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world, many still flourishing on their original pre-Phylloxera roots.”

The new range of Australian wines is now available exclusively from United Wine Merchants.

Pictured during the Belfast reception are Joe Roberts, Peter Lehmann Wines; Jon Worsley, Liberty Wines and Emma Haughian, United Wine Merchants.


Michael Stewart from Madison’s Hotel in Belfast and Paula Gracey, Sunday Life were at the launch event.

Gillian Vaughan and Anya Magowan also attended UWM’s Peter Lehmann launch.

Peita McAllister and Corinne McAllister from The Morning Star in Belfast were at the Lehmann launch.

Shown here are Paula Keane and Brendan Kerr of the Ivanhoe Hotel with Stephen McMillan of Sticks and Stones.

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